5 Reasons Halloween is Great for Singles

The Party

The most important thing for you to do if you are single and looking to get into some trouble is make sure you are around a good amount of people.

You are going to want to snag an invite to a party and you can do this as early or late as you want to even right before the party starts if you want. The chances of you having some single person Halloween fun go waaaaaay up if you get to a party. From there you just have to talk to people, and there’s always something to talk about at a good Halloween party.

The Costumes 

I am Pharoah!

Ok so first things first I know you are all expecting to talk about the costumes the beautiful girls are going to be wearing but first guys you need to have a costume. A good one!

One of my best Halloweens was the time I dressed up like a Pharaoh! Check out those pictures below. I got so many compliments that night and more than a few offers to accompany some ladies home. So when I tell you to get a good costume I am telling you that it will be worth the extra investment. If you go as a ghost then don’t be mad when people don’t rush to come talk to you.

Even if you aren’t trying to talk to someone that night it’s nice to get those compliments.

Ladies the same goes for you with the costumes they don’t all have to be crazy revealing to look really good! At the same time if you do want to wear something like that, I’m sure no one will be mad, accept maybe other girls which has always baffled me. Why does it matter that much if another girl looks good…might be worth a future post if I find out!

The Bar Crawls/ Going Out to Bars

This is going to be your back up to the party, because you always have to have a back-up plan! When compared to the party option I like the idea of a party more but the bar crawl does have its perks… for example you get to constantly switch people out and odds are at some point you’re gonna find someone who likes you, also you are going to be able to leave any awkward situations pretty easily.

On the flip side of that if you are trying to talk with someone outside of the bar crawl then you are going to have to convince them to come with you for the rest of it which is going to require some real charm, also the bar crawl doesn’t really give the same personal feel that is easy to get at parties. This is more of a personal preference.

The People 

She is gorgeous… I should have asked for her name! (Be better than me y ‘all)

Meeting someone on Halloween is kind of like meeting someone on vacation. For better or worse, a lot of them aren’t exactly themselves. On any regular day they might be shy and not really talk to anyone but on vacation or Halloween they may be the life of the party and the person everyone wants to talk to. You can actually read a post about a girl I met on Halloween here!

Even some of my friends (you know who you are) that usually don’t like to party are ready to stay out all night on Halloween. Halloween is kind of like vacation except with better costumes.

The Candy

Whether you are dating, single, in a relationship, married, or just a human being you’ll know that before we were all so interested in impressing possible dating options we liked Halloween for the simpler things. You can get a boat load of free candy! And isn’t that why we like it so much getting dressed up with friends and eating candy! There’s nothing better!

What do you do on Halloween? Where do you stand on the party vs. bar crawl? Do you have any crazy Halloween stories? Which of these were your favorites and which ones do you think I missed? Share your thoughts below!

Be safe out there everyone and have fun tonight!



  1. Halloween is a perfect holiday for singles, for sure. And couples, too. The most important part of having fun is like you said, invest in a good costume. That’s where the fun begins. You’ll get lots of compliments and people will see that you have a good attitude towards having fun. Nice post.


  2. Wow what a costume! I’m not surprised you got so many compliments 🙂
    Halloween is such a great way to meet and connect with new people. I dressed up like Michael Jackson and did a few moonwalks with strangers. That was quite fun!


  3. I think this is great! People need to connect more in person than we do now, and these are wonderful ideas to give to those just celebrating, as well as those who deal with social anxiety. I like how you gave ideas of small talk to just spark up a convo for those who may be nervous.
    Your costume did look great btw! 😀


    • Thanks so much for your comment! You are so right a lot of the personal interactions are being phased out. Online dating is probably not helping! I know I get nervous in these situations so I understand where a lot of people are coming from, I think it’s all about trying to put yourself out there and not worrying too much about what people think! Thanks so much that costume is my favorite😊! Do you get anxious in social/dating situations if so what do you do stop it or at least deal with it?


  4. I love that pharaoh custome and I always wanted to experience Halloween someday when I visit the states. About the online dating, I have had my share of no helping scene that I just said bye I cant do it no more. being an introvert who likes being indoors isn’t helping my chances too but what am I gonna do, I love being indoors.. lol. Thanks for sharing this.


    • Thanks for your comment! Online dating is one of those things where it has good and bad aspects, I’m an introvert at heart too so I think I might make a post in the future about dating as an introvert and how it has gone for me! Thanks so much for sharing… how do you deal with being an introvert in social/dating situations?

      Liked by 1 person

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