Beware the “Too Busy”

Whether you have been in a relationship for years or have gone out once or twice this is not a good sign y’all! RED FLAG!!! I promise, I’ve been there so take my word for it!

Now for everyone who is already mad and saying that sometimes people actually are busy, let’s take a deep breath.

Feeling better?

I’m not talking about the people who every now and again are actually doing things in their lives and can’t make time for dates. I am talking about the people that are already saying they are booked before you tell them what day you want to go out!pexels-photo-310983

Me: “So what about..?”

Her: “No I already have plans.”


Let’s Break this Down

If someone is NEVER available, almost 100% of the time it isn’t that they lead this super human life where 24hrs a day 365 days a year they are saving the world. They’re just too busy for you!!!

We are all busy, even the laziest among us is busy being lazy! I know this because I take my lazy time very seriously. Have you ever heard someone say that they are too busy to do everything? No, because that’s not possible you have to be doing something. Even just sitting down in a field is something!

So if we are all busy, what’s this person really saying?

Where do you fit into the plan?

It comes down to how we (in this case they) prioritize things!

Priorities are the determining factor in what we are, or are not too busy to do. When someone ALWAYS tells you they are too busy to go on a date with you or hangout with you they are saying, “At any given time that you ask me to hangout I would rather be doing something else/ something else is more important than you.”

But it’s much easier to say, “I’m busy.” Eyebrows are starting to raise, you’re getting it.

Now I know some of you are still saying to yourselves, “No, J-free you’re wrong he actually is busy all the time!” or “She is just really into her career right now but she cares about me a lot!”

The thing is he wasn’t too busy to go out with the guys, or go to the gym, or read his favorite book after school. And she wasn’t too busy to practice for an interview at work, or draw, or go out with her girls.

All I’m saying is that when someone CONTINUALLY tells you they are too busy to hang out with you listen to them because what they are saying is that, “Whatever I am doing is more important than you!”

Note: This is NOT me saying you should always be the #1 thing in their life, but at least for me if I am constantly making time for someone I better rank in their top 5 a good amount of the time. You have to find what works for you!

The Good News

Now you know! And like the old saying goes, “Knowing is half the battle!” Now let’s talk about the other half…

You put this information to work for you if you feel like you might be caught in a continuous loop of “I’m Busies” then you break out of it. Now that you know you can save yourself from it! If you see a friend getting trapped then you explain it to them or you send them over here to my site and I’ll take care of it!

I’m not too busy!

We gotta stick together out here y’all! Dating and Relationships are not easy!

Check out some more of my articles here!

I want all of you to have this info so you can find someone that does have time for you and can make you a priority because you’re worth it! I know I am!

So what do you think when people tell you that they are busy all the time? Is it a red flag or something that is completely normal? Have you ever blown someone off with an “I’m busy”? Do you think I am spot on or totally off base? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!



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